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St. Hubertus in America


George Wood was appointed Grand Prior and founded the American Chapter in 1968. The first Investiture of American Knights took place at the Bohemian Club in San Francisco. The ceremony was presided over by then Grand Master Karl Messany.


Grand Master Messany retired and George Wood was elected Grand Master. OB Wood was followed by Karl Weber in 1979.


Grand Master Weber asked Archduke Andreas Salvatore von Habsburg-Lothringen to act as Protector of the Order.


On January 8,  Grand Master Weber asked Archduke Andreas to take the office of Grand Master. Archduke Andreas did so and His Majesty Juan Carlos, King of Spain, assumed the position of Protector of the Order.


In March of 2013 HIH Archduke Istvan von Habsburg-Lothringen became the fifth Grand Master of the Order since the Restitution. Archduke Andreas assumed the office of Grand Master Emeritus and King Juan Carlos continues to offer the order his protection.

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